Seven Mistakes To Avoid Right Before Your Facial

29 April 2021
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If you want to get the most out of your facial treatments, there are certain things you shouldn't do in the days leading up to your facial appointments. The following are seven mistakes that it's important to avoid right before your facial. 

Waxing or plucking facial hair

Waxing the skin on your face is an extreme type of exfoliation that can leave your skin unusually sensitive. Also, plucking facial hair has a tendency to cause swollen hair follicles that are problematic during a facial.

Your skin should therefore have some time to recover after waxing or plucking before your facial. If you wax or pluck your facial hair, make sure you don't do either within a few days of your facial appointment. 

Trying a new skincare product

When you first start using a new skincare product, it can have unpredictable effects on your skin. If a new skin product dries out your skin or causes irritation, your skin will be more sensitive. It's not good to go in for a facial when your skin is in such a condition.

Make sure you don't try out any new skincare products immediately before your facial treatment. 

Having a Botox appointment

If you get Botox injections, it's important that you're not scheduling them too close to your facial appointments.

During a facial, your skin should be massaged and exfoliated. This can compromise the results of Botox injections by changing the positioning of the injectable. 

Make sure you're not scheduling cosmetic procedures and facials too close together so that you get the most out of these treatments and avoid complications. 

Exposing your skin to the sun

Facial treatments are great for repairing sun damage to the skin. However, it's important that your skin has some time to heal immediately after a sunburn or sun exposure before your facial appointment. It's always wise to keep yourself out of the sun in the days leading up to your facial treatment. 

Having eyelash extensions put on

After you have eyelash extensions put on, you're supposed to wait a few days before rubbing or touching the area around your eyes. This gives the glue that holds eyelash extensions in place time to set properly. 

You shouldn't have eyelash extensions put on right before a facial because the skin around your eyes will need to be massaged as part of your facial treatment. 

Exfoliating your skin

You're going to put a lot of stress on your skin if you exfoliate at home and then go in for a facial shortly after. A facial treatment will usually involve a thorough exfoliation. That means you shouldn't be using exfoliating products at home either immediately before or after your facial. 

Consuming a lot of caffeine or alcohol

You probably already know that being hydrated is important for the health of your skin. Consuming diuretics like caffeine or alcohol dehydrates the body and can dry out the skin.

Make sure you're avoiding excessive caffeine and alcohol in the days leading up to your facial. Also, keep yourself as hydrated as possible by drinking a lot of water so that your skin is in optimum condition when you come in for your appointment.